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Hard drives

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* Seagate and WD Laptop Notebook Hard disks 2 5
* Portable External Hard disks
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* Westan Digital External drives
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HS:ST1000DM003. ST1000DM003 BARRACUDA 1TB,7200RPM,SATAIII 6GB/S,3.5',32MB $ 72.1Buy 201
HS:ST2000DM001. ST2000DM001. Barracuda hard drive, 2TB,7200RPM, SATA3, 6GB/S, 3.5 64MB $ 122.1Buy 10?
HS:ST3000DM001. ST3000DM001. BARRACUDA 3TB, 7200RPM, SATA 6GB/S, 3.5, 64MB $ 141.2Buy 02
HS:WD10EZEX. WD10EZEX. CAVIAR BLUE/1TB/7200RPM/SATA3/64MB/3.5inch $ 70.4Buy 0?
HS:WD10EZRX. WD10EZRX WD Green 1TB Intellipower SATA3 64MB 3.5 inch Advance format hard drive $ 71.2Buy 0?
HS:WD30EZRX. WD30EZRX. WD Green 3TB Intellipower SATA3 64MB 3.5 inch Advance format hard drive $ 151.2Buy 0?
HS:WD500AAKX. WD500AAKX. 3.5 CAVIAR BLUE,500GB,7200RPM, 16MB, SATA Hard drive refurbished $ 51.2Buy 0?
HS:ST1000VX001. ST1000VX001 Surveillance HDD, 3.5inch 1TB robust 24/7 service . $ 79Buy 0?
HS:WD20EZRZ. WD20EZRZ 2TB Blue Western Digital 3.5-inch PC Hard Drive Internal $ 105.8Buy  1
HS:ST2000VX003. ..ST2000VX003 Seagate Hard Drive ..Surveillance HDD, 3.5", 2TB, SATA 6Gb/s $ 111.2Buy 02
HS:WD4004FZWX. WD Black WD4004FZWX 3.5" 4TB 128MB 7200RPM Desktop HDD $ 299Buy 0?
HS:WD60EFRX. WD60EFRX Western Digital Hard Drive Internal (Enterprise) WD Red SATA 6 Gb/s $ 352Buy  ?
HS:WD10PURX. WD10PURX. 3.5 surveillance WD PURPLE, 1TB, INTELLIPOWER, 64MB, SATA III,(6Gbps), $ 95.7Buy  ?