home . C,CCC-AE37BS-M41-Xigmatek-Asgard-XP-Pure-Black-support-ATX-mATX-7-exp.slots,-5.25x3-,-(49Lx-45Hx-20W)------...  About . C,CCC-AE37BS-M41-Xigmatek-Asgard-XP-Pure-Black-support-ATX-mATX-7-exp.slots,-5.25x3-,-(49Lx-45Hx-20W)------...         New  Price Drops . C,CCC-AE37BS-M41-Xigmatek-Asgard-XP-Pure-Black-support-ATX-mATX-7-exp.slots,-5.25x3-,-(49Lx-45Hx-20W)------...  Call . C,CCC-AE37BS-M41-Xigmatek-Asgard-XP-Pure-Black-support-ATX-mATX-7-exp.slots,-5.25x3-,-(49Lx-45Hx-20W)------...  Order Status . C,CCC-AE37BS-M41-Xigmatek-Asgard-XP-Pure-Black-support-ATX-mATX-7-exp.slots,-5.25x3-,-(49Lx-45Hx-20W)------...     Cart welcome

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Xigmatek Asgard XP Pure Black support ATX/mATX 7 exp.slots, 5.25x3 , (49Lx 45Hx 20W)-----------...

- Price: $ 68.20 , Stock at Supplier: 0 , Stock in Hand*: Ask , Weight: 15000g , Updated 27/10/2014

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