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1- 7 CD and DVD Duplicator with Athena RiData controller and LG drives

- Price: $ 470.20 , Stock at Supplier: 4 , Stock in Hand*: 5+ , Weight: 19000g , Updated 08/12/2016

  •  1 TO 7 CD and DVD Duplicator tower
  •  Make copies or CD , DVD or Dual Layer DVD (D/L). It is  as easy as 1-2-3 
  • No computer or Software necessary, Single standalone unit
  • LCD control panel with various extra funtions, easy to operate
  • Duplicator Menu options
    • Copy  (Duplicate the DVD or CD)
    • Test (make a test copy or simiulate copy )
    • Copy and verify ( Make a copy and verifty the copies to see they are identical to original)
    • Verify (Verifty the copies already done before ,  to see they are identical to original)
    • Compare (Perform a bit-for-bit comparision of master disc and duplicated disc )
    • Set burn speed (Allow you to set DVD and CD burn speeds for differnt categories of disks )
    • Source Select ( Allow you to set the souce drive , ie -drive with original disc)
    • Track Edit (various options for Audio CDs )
    • Utility (Update firmware (Bios ) and other extra features, like get drive, disc, controller  information )
    • Setup ( Set Autostart time,  and other settings )
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