Sort by Date or size in Windows Explorer is not working

 Windows 10 sometimes behave like a problem child. One case is where if you copy some music or photos into a folder it try to arrange the folder as a music or photo folder.  So you cannot sort and organise files by date or size  
   To get back to how it was before it easy.  Right click on empty area of folder and select “Customise this folder ” . Now you get the folder properties box as you see on right.
 Select the type of files you want to optimise or better still select “General items ” . That will give you the ability to sort files by date or size or name and more.  
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Advanced computer services

We provide advanced computer service at a fixed price of $99.

It includes

Full scan of hard disk including surface scan
Full virus scan, checking, removal and repair
Checking for any browser redirection errors and correcting 
Check System restore settings and allow adequate space
Restore system back if there are working restore points
Check browser redirection errors and correct if any 
Setting advanced system properties for the best performance
Setting advanced system properties for the best performance
Optimise Virtual memory allocation for best performance
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Computer services

Standard service for computer, laptop or notebook includes the following at $69

Checking hard disk for potential problems
excluding surface scan for bad sectors and repair basic file system
structure, file name linkages and security descriptions.
   Checking for any browser redirection errors and correcting them.
If when you search on google if you get to some other site other than
google, then it is likely your browser is being redirected.

More than 90% of Windows 10 PC are not setup for System restore.

Checking System restore settings and make sure adequate space is allocated.
This will allow to recover from failed Windows update or any corruption of system registry by newly installed programs.

   Setting advanced system properties for the best performance
 Setting the Virtual memory allocation for best performance.  
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Prevention is better

 Unlike Windows 7, when you install Windows 10 or upgrade to Windows 10 it does not set the System restore on. It was a feature in Windows form the Windows ME / XP days and it gives you one option to get out of jail free in case of trouble.  
  So make sure you turn on system restore in Windows 10 . Give at least about 5GB space. It is more likely to be turned off by default.  If you have trouble doing that give us a call and it should take less then few minutes time.
Most people have not done a full Windows backup or what we call  “System image backup”.  Even though hard drives and sold state drives are very reliable nowadays you never know when it is going to give you the ghost.  Just like a person born today may die in 2 days, 2 months for 90 years, there is no hard and fast rule to say when a new hard drives fails.  Best way to do a System image backup is using a third party program.

 System image backup will backup your Windows, Programs, documents, photos, favorites, and  passwords (if you have saved them in your browser). You need an external hard drive or secondary internal hard drive and a program to do it.
If you do not want to bother about paying the cost of program and the time to learn it how to do we can do that at a very nominal cost of around $30* . Advantage of System image backup is that it will backup all you programs as well. If you have expensive programs like MYOB, Quickbook , Office or any other tailor made programs for your industry they will be backed up the the System image backup.

  *  If the total data on the hard drive is less than 50GB


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