Computer services

Standard service for computer, laptop or notebook includes the following at $69

  • Checking hard disk for potential problems
  • Repair basic file system structure
  • ┬áRepair file name linkages
  • ┬áCheck and correct security descriptions. (Exclude surface scan of hard disk for bad sectors)
  • Check for any browser redirection errors and correct them.
  • Remove any unwanted browser add ons
  • Check for PUPs ( Probably unwanted programs

If when you search on google if you get to some other site other than google, then it is likely your browser is being redirected.

More than 90% of Windows 10 PCs are not setup for System restore.

  • Checking System restore settings and make sure adequate space is allocated.
    This will allow to recover from failed Windows update or any corruption of system registry by newly installed programs.
  • Setting advanced system properties for the best performance

Some features like animation of elements can drag your system performance even though they are eye candy. So we will optimise your laptop or desktop leaving only the essential visual effects.

  • Setting the Virtual memory allocation for best performance.

Unless you are short of hard disk space, it is better to set the virtual memory or page file size to a fixed value. This is probably more important in the case of SSD (Solid state drives) where too much too much of re-allocation of page file size can lead to shorter life of SSD drive.