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Telephone : 03 9749 8111

Email :  abcd.com.au@gmail.com 

Shop hours :
 Monday -  Friday 9:35 am - 5.30pm
 Saturday 9:15 am – 2.00 pm
 Sunday 12.00 – 2.00 pm ( Most days Ring 97498111 to verify )


Your Comments and questionss
(We do give preference to Australian customers and we do not respond to overseas emails. So if you have a email address like hotmail or other ending with .com please include the country / state  information )

We are only 35Min drive on WestGate freeway / Princes Freeway from Melbourne + 3 Traffic lights.

Our goal

  • To provide quality products and service at an affordable price. To achieve that goal we stick to better products which has better reliability and market recognition.  We look at the suppliers support, quality and commitment to service in addition to price.   When it comes to quality of products we look at the country of production in addition to the brand name. More than 80% of our current suppliers are quality endorsed companies under Standards of Australia. Only by selecting quality suppliers who provide quality after sales service we can offer you the quality after sales service.
  • To develop as a major on line dealer with Just in time technology to give you the better prices as well as technically up to date products.
  • To make the use of computers as easy as any other home electronic equipment. To this effect we give out our special computer user manual which explains all simple issues of computer use in plain English. We are happy to accept your input to that manual and include any improvement you suggest.  In addition we are developing full help system online so that you can resolve minor computer troubles and software conflicts with ease.

Company History

  • Flexisoft Computers was established on 8th September `1991 in Melbourne and has been active in the software development for business and local government institutions.
  • In 1994 July we changed the focus to hardware and personal computers as to face the challenge of technological change
  • In 1995 February we established our shop in the central business district of Werribee at  3/67, Watton St., Werribee
  • In 1998 April we moved to better, bigger and more prominent position at 35 Watton St, Werribee.  Still within the walking distance from previous location, so that the customers will have easy access.
  • In 1998 May we launched our web site www.flexisoft.com.au.   Due to the success of our web site we made it easy to remember for our customers by launching  www.abcd.com.au in August 98
    • In 2002 we change the business name to Australian Best Computer Discounts pty ltd.
    • 2002 January we moved to new location at 3A/ 135 Railway av, Werribee.
    • During the past 14+ years we have seen lot of technology changes including change from MS-DOS to Windows 3.1 and also lot of boom and bust cycles in computer industry. We can guarantee you we are here to provide you long term solutions to your computing needs.