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DVD Duplicator machine  with 7 DVD Writers

1- 7 CD and DVD Duplicator -(Discontinued ) - offer SDUP6E.. $459 - buy

 Make copies of CD or DVD as easy as 1-2 -3
  1. Insert the original in to reader
  2. Put the number of bank disks you need in to the writers
  3. Press the Copy Button on the DVD Duplicator
  4. Ideal for copying dual layer DVD at fast speeds.
  • Simple one button copy.
  • No computer necessary, Stand alone machine.
  • No complicated software needed
  • Make up to  7 copies at a time
  • Burn DVD at up to 18x speed with suitable media.
  • Can add an extra hard disk  (Optional )
    Note: If you are using a machine with hard disk option make sure you write down and keep a record of the image details on the hard disk, otherwise you may copy the wrong image.

Price guide (All prices are inclusive of GST)


1-7 CD  - DVD Duplication unit can copy Dual Layer disks


Features   &  Advantages 
  • Stand alone, No PC or software required.
  • Easy operation, no training required.
  • Functions :
    • Copy direct from Disk to Disk
    • Make copies from image stored on hard disk (Need optional internal IDE hard disk)
    • Compare disks
    • Verify disks
    • Emulate write
    • Edit
  • On the fly copy from reader to writer  or copy from image stored on hard disk*
  • LCD display panel 
  • Can setup a Password to prevent un-authorised use of the duplicator. (Please note down the password if used )


Subject to copyright restrictions, It will
1. Copy disk.
2. Test disk
3. Copy and Verify
4. Copy and Compare
5. Verify
6. Compare Disk
7. Set Burn Speed
8 Select Source
9. Track Edit
10 Utility  to Prescan, Quick-Erase, Full-Erase, Show Disk info, Eject
        Show Drive Info,  Show System Info and Update BIOS.
Standard Specification
  • Include power supply and case
  • Support up to 18 x DVD Write speed.
  • Latest controller card capable up to 18 speed - DVD Duplicator  
  • Include latest  Pioneer DVR-219 22x speed SATA DVD Burner drives supporting Dual layer / DVD+ R / DVD-R / CD-R  as well as CD-RW /DVD+RW / DVD-RW formats.  
  • Additional hard disk can be added on request at a small fee.
  • DVD Duplicator system
  • Operation manual.
  • Number of writers as required.
  • One DVD Reader
  • Case , power supply, cables and other required items
  • Assembled and fully tested.

Download DVD Duplicator user manual current as at 12-Dec -2011

Our customers:
  • IT Integrity , Unit 1 / 35 Ethel Street , YEERONGPILLY, QLD, 4105
  • Onsite Accounting
  • CSC , Coniston Technology Park, Mt St Thomas, NSW
  • Suzanne,  Victoria  Now I can do one days work in one hour.
  • Cameron,  Victoria  Very happy with the 3 duplicator, Next time I will buy the bigger one. Thanks for quick delivery and excellent machine.
  • Cindy ,  NSW  I just got the duplicator today. Can It do the CD and Blu-ray as well.
             Reply: Yes, you can copy CD but not Blu-ray. We need to replace the drives with Blu-ray to copy Blu-ray
  • Steve,  QLD  My old trusty 7 duplicator is still going after 2 years, I just got the new 11 Duplicator.. .
  • Restitution Ministries  2904 Wisemans ferry road. Mongrove mountain NSW 2250 . 
  • Editel, 67, Wellington st, St Kilda, VIC, 3182  .

Delivery charge (approx).

  • Melbourne Metro - $ 12
  • Sydney Metro - $21
  • Adedaide Metro - $21
  • Brisbane Metro - $35

Please verify your delivery charge by  entering the weight of 17 Kg and your post code at



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* Will not copy disks with copy protection

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